The Public Relations Unit of the Tanzania–Zambia Railway Authority (TAZARA) supports public participation in the affairs of the Authority as provided for in the TAZARA Act of 1995 and other laws pertaining to the operations of statutory bodies in the United Republic of Tanzania and the Republic of Zambia.

The Public Relations Unit is responsible for the promotion of TAZARA and is therefore the lead executor of all corporate communication, including public and media relations, public affairs, protocol and special events management, thus the custodian of communication, branding and promotional strategies across the two territories of Tanzania and Zambia.

The Unit endeavours to generate, package and disseminate information with the view to creating an understanding of, and garner support for TAZARA aspirations, aims, objectives, policies, strategies, initiatives and activities. The Public Relations Unit strives to establish and maintain lines of communication, mutual understanding, acceptance and co-operation between TAZARA and its internal and external publics and stakeholders, be it in Tanzania, Zambia or indeed stakeholders from elsewhere.

The overall objective of the Public Relations Unit is to ensure strategic guidance in the implementation of the TAZARA Communication Policy, which is the blue print for the management of TAZARA's interaction with stakeholders.

The Unit head is situated at the Head Office in Dar es Salaam but also liaises, facilitates and guides the work of the regional Public Relations Officers who are responsible for TAZARA’s public information in their respective regions, the Tanzania Cost and Profit Centre TCPC and the Zambia Cost and Profit Centre ZCPC. The unit maintains an open-door policy to all media personnel.

Below are the three contact points for the TAZARA Public Relations Unit:

Head Office, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Conrad K Simuchile
Head Public Relations,
Head Office, Nyerere Road, Dar es Salaam, TANZANIA
Mobile: In Tanzania +255783803074 or in Zambia +260966803074

Regional Office, Tanzania Cost and Profit Centre
Regina Tarimo
Public Relations Officer,
Regional Offices, Mandela Road, Dar es Salaam, TANZANIA
WhatsApp: +255754373291

Regional Office, Zambia Cost and Profit Centre

Annette Chanshika

Public Relations Officer 
Regional Offices, Mpika, ZAMBIA

WhatsApp: +260977419338


We are also available on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn: