Buying Tickets

How can I make a reservation to travel and how can I get my ticket? Can I buy a ticket online?


At the moment, we are unable to offer online sale of tickets. However, we do accept reservations via email, although you would then have to purchase your ticket physically at any of our stations before or on the actual day of travel. For email reservations, please contact: Mr. Peter Sichinga, Senior Customer Relations Officer, Head Office, Nyerere Road, Dar es Salaam, Mobile: +255 753 783 444 or Email: or Peter will advise you how to proceed further with your booking. Furthermore, below are contacts for Station Masters that could be of help, depending on which station you are planning to board from.

Cellphone contacts for Station Masters (Main stations only).

Dar es Salaam Station: Ms Maneno +255 787 099 064, and +255 767 099 064 or Mr Iwasha +255 713 225 290

Ifakara Station: +255 783 125 439

Mlimba Station: +255 784 314 101

Mbeya Station: Mr Choga +255 754 686 810

Nakonde Station: Mr Mandona +260 977 988 428

Mpika Station: Mr Charles Mbewe +260 966 655 036

New Kapiri-Mposhi Station: Mr Simuntala +260 977 269 276


Please, remember that you will need to purchase your ticket either a few days before the journey or on the actual day of travel. Therefore, you need to choose the most convenient booking office, from where you will also buy your ticket. If you have not bought your ticket in advance, but have made an advance booking, you need to arrive at the station earlier, say an hour or two before the expected departure time.

Note that reservation enquiries will only be attended to during working hours, i.e. 07:30 – 17:00hrs (CAT and EAT) from Monday to Friday.