The TAZARA Training Centre (TTC) was constructed at the inception of TAZARA in 1975, for the purpose of equipping In-service staff and new entrants to the Railway Industry with skills required by TAZARA to support its operations.

TTC is situated in Mpika District in Muchinga Province of the Republic of Zambia, about 600 Km North East of Zambia’s Capital City Lusaka, on the Great North Road linking Zambia and Tanzania. The Training Centre is strategically located TAZARA’s Regional Headquarters in Zambia with accessibility to the vast Workshop Engineering facilities which are capable of undertaking almost any kind of engineering works.

TTC has over the years produced graduates in various railway skills, who have kept TAZARA running to date. TTC is an internal capacity-building institution without whose existence railway-based training, which is hard to find in the Sub-region, would have been very difficult to keep TAZARA running. Thousands of trainees from Tanzania and Zambia have gone through TTC and are contributing or have contributed to the national development of the two countries.