We, the Chief Executive Officers of Zambia Railways Limited (ZRL), Societe Nationale Des Chemins De Fer Du Congo Sarl (SNCC) and Tanzania-Zambia Railway Authority (TAZARA), have this day jointly held consultations in line with the provisions of the Tripartite Agreement signed in Lubumbashi, DRC, on 7 March 2013 to harmonize relationships and operations among the three railways.

We have reviewed our operations and noted that:
(i) The will to maintain seamless operations amongst the three railways, facilitating movement of goods with ease across the three national boundaries, remains resolute and desirable considering the high demand for this kind of service from our customers;
(ii) Due to the inefficiencies and other challenges that had characterised the railways in the past, many customers had abandoned the railways and there is now urgent need to re-assure the market that things have changed in order to win back that confidence;

In this regard, we agreed as follows:
(i) In order to remain competitive and keep our institutions sustainable, it is necessary that we make known some of our challenges to our Governments for their attention and resolution, where possible;
(ii) Our operations must be reviewed further to enhance, improve and make our services to the customers as attractive as possible;
(iii) In order to win back the confidence of our customers, it is necessary that we consider every angle for creating efficiencies in our operations, including seeking possible ways of eliminating bottlenecks that emanate from outside the realms of the three railways; and
(iv) That the three railways come up with strategies to raise traffic volumes transported by the railways to more acceptable levels than the case is, currently.

Signed by:
ZRL Chief Excutive Officer
SNCC Director General
TAZARA Managing Director