The Minister of the International Department of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, Mr. Song Tao, has called for the advancement of the “Spirit of TAZARA” as a symbol of friendship. 

Speaking when he toured the Dar es Salaam Railway Station on 18th July 2018, Mr. Song said that there is need to improve the condition of TAZARA so that the friendship between China and Tanzania and Zambia can be promoted further for the benefit of the future generations. 

And the Managing Director Eng. Bruno Chinag’andu said that TAZARA attaches great value to the support that China has continued to render to the railway, especially that China sacrificed a lot to have TAZARA built. 

Eng. Ching’andu pointed out that not only were the lives of 67 Chinese nationals lost during the construction of TAZARA, but that China was also a poor country and could hardly afford building the railway at the time. 

Agreeing with the Minister’s call for the improvement of TAZARA, the Managing Director said, “going forward, it is necessary that the railway system is improved so that it continues being a shining star and a symbol of friendship between the three countries.”

Apart from the CPC, over 40 other representatives of various parties in Africa visited TAZARA, which remains a strong testimony and symbol of China-Africa Co-operation.

TAZARA is bi-national railway jointly owned by the Governments of the United Republic of Tanzania and the Republic of Zambia on a 50-50 shareholding basis. The 1,860km-railway was built as a turn-key project, with an interest-free loan from the People’s Republic of China between 1970 and 1975. TAZARA connects Zambia to the seaport of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania and further provides road and railway inter-connectivity to other parts of Southern Africa. In essence, TAZARA provides a communication backbone for the three regional groupings of SADC, COMESA and the East African Community. For Central and Southern African hinterland importers and exporters with business ties to the Middle-East and Asian countries, including China, TAZARA provides the shortest route to the sea, through the Port of Dar es Salaam and is therefore a vital rail link in the logistical chain. Ends

Issued by:
Conrad K Simuchile 
Head Public Relations
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