Due to the continued depreciation of the Zambian Kwacha relative to the Tanzanian Shilling since 2013 when passenger train fares were last adjusted, it has been found necessary to re-align the Kwacha-denominated passenger train fares in order to equalize them with Shilling-denominated fares.

The adjustment will erase the disparity between fares paid for in Tanzanian shillings and fares paid for in Zambian Kwacha, which disparity was in effect making passengers buying tickets in Zambia pay less than the passengers paying for similar services in Tanzania, contrary to the principle of the unitary nature of the Tanzania-Zambia Railway Authority across the two states.

The new fares, as indicated in the schedules for both Express and Ordinary passenger trains in Zambia, will become effective from 17th September 2018. You may download the new fares here: https://tazarasite.com/downloads