After completing the construction of the track, together with all the support infrastructure, and concluding successful trial operations, the Chinese officially handed over TAZARA on 1st July 1976. Commercial operations then officially begun on 14th July 1976.

On 14th July 2016, TAZARA turned 40 years!

The 40th Anniversary, in particular, is a great milestone, whether in the life of an individual or the corporate world. In the corporate world, a marketplace that is never predictable, age symbolizes strength and security.
And, as they say, “Life begins at 40!”

Our 40th Anniversary has come at a time when not only are we emerging from years of challenging times, but it is also a time when we we are determined to look forward and assure the world that we are back, and back with strength.

We are determined to turn this company around. We shall reclaim our position as the best transportation company in the region. That is our vision. That is where we are heading.

We have restored discipline in our operations so far and we are begining to win back the confidence of our customers, as can be evidenced by the number of orders we are now receiving to transport cargo to and from the Port of Dar es Salaam.

As we set sights on restoring confidence in full and reclaiming our vision, we are also aware that we are part of a larger community. We are thankful to the community for all the support we have received during the past trying times.

Cleaning of Hospitals 
Today, our Deputy Managing Director, Dr Betram Kiswaga, led a team of enthiusiastic and celebratory employees who are based in Dar es Salaam to Temeke Hospital where they cleaned the surroundings and donated some mosquito nets. It is our intention to replicate this thank-you demonstration to 10 other hospitals within the localities of TAZARA. On specific dates, from 14th to 30th July 2016, we shall visit hospitals within our localities in Dar es Salaam, Mlimba, Makambako, Mbeya and Tunduma (in Tanzania) and Nakonde, Kasama, Mpika, Serenje and Kapiri-Mposhi (Zambia).

Donating Blood 
We shall mobilise ourselves and volunteer to donate blood to the National Blood Bank in Kapiri-Mposhi and Dar es Salaam.

Planting Mango Trees 
On 10th August 2016, all employees will be required to participate in the cleaning of surroundings and planting of Mango Trees at all stations along the line, from Dar es Salaam to New kapiri-Mposhi.

Hosting 1,600 Pupils on our Passenger Trains 
On 25th August 2016, TAZARA will host about 1,600 pupils from 40 different schools in Dar es Salaam and Kapiri-Mposhi. The pupils will be taken on a train ride to experience the TAZARA spirit on a 20km journey from Dar es Salaam to Mwakanga and from New Kapiri-Mposhi to Lwanshimba and back.

Honouring our Passengers with discounts 
During the week of 11 – 15 July 2016, we shall offer 40% discount to the first 200 travellers who will buy tickets during that week.

Time to talk to our customers
We shall hold an open week, encouraging members of the public to visit us and talk to us from 23 – 26 August 2016. In the same week, we shall host an exhibition showcasing our services and products at the Dar es Salaam and Lusaka premises. Some of our key partners and customers will join us in the exhibitions.